Five (5) best strategies for increasing your YouTube Engagement

Videos are getting more reach on social media. So, many online businesses have turned to video marketing for their content marketing strategy. YouTube is a platform for video marketing. Though, opening an account and posting videos of your niche alone does not cut it.

With video marketing, create a powerful bond between your followers, viewer, and subscribers. Make them understand that your channel will provide suitable, insightful contents for them. And they will continue to reward you with attention and clicks.

Getting video content wrong will only bring discontent and disappointment to your customers. Your Return-Of-Investment will decimate, something you should dread.

In this article, you will learn Five (5) strategies to keep your YouTube engagement high.

The Matter On Engagement
The actions that viewers take on your video defines your engagement level.

Likes and dislikes are one of the most common actions. When a person likes your content, this typically means that they appreciated it. It gives you a meter that defines whether the content makes sense to your subscribers.

Comments show accurate measures of the emotional content in your video. The emotional effect of your video may be positive or negative. We see this in the comments section of your video.

Sharing is one of the most valuable measurement systems for engagements. It helps you realise that people find your content interesting enough to make them share it. They can share your video on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, Twitter, etc.

Subscriber amount is the ultimate measuring system. It tells you whether people want to keep seeing your content.

YouTube analytics is the best place to hang around when talking about how well or not you are doing. You need all that data to develop a suitable marketing plan.

How to increase engagement
Your Thumbnail
Like it or not, this element decides whether individuals click. Thumbnails show even more incredible results for mobile phone viewers. And most people on YouTube are watching from their mobile phones.

Your Thumbnail should go with the best title. It is the first thing a viewer sees before judging your content. And even if they click, they carry that judgment into the content.

Always Reply Comments
It can get very exhausting sometimes. Many founders hire social media managers to keep their engagement high and comment actively. Start personal conversations with your viewers. Find out what they think, listen. Creating a relationship with your viewers will always keep them coming back.

Follow Trends
New trends produce a more emotional effect on people. Viewers will discuss and share their opinions if you follow the Trends they Like.Video is the most consumed content online. A lot of people rely on platforms like YouTube to gain current information.

If you want to increase your engagement with YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, or Twitter, You already have what you need. Accounts who subscribe to your channel and like your contents already trust you. Sometimes all you have to do is reach out. Collaboration is important. Work with people who you think can add value to your brand.

Use the right tools
Web tools like Hootsuite help you distribute your content. They give you a detailed dashboard to track your content’s performance. Many web tools can also help you moderate comments. You can also seek help from professional social media agencies. Let’s identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities from a digital marketing background.

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