Why your landing page isn’t working

Online marketing today defines a landing page as a single page or funnel that decides whether a customer buys, gives their email address or phone number,  etc.

After setting up a landing page, people often think they have concluded the most challenging part of their sales.

Getting all the technical aspects of your landing page correct is invaluable. In this article, you will learn why your landing page still isn’t working.

1. Your mobile version is not as good as your web version

It is an easy challenge to identify. Most of the people who will see your landing page will do it on their mobile phones. Make sure they optimize your page for mobile devices before you market.

2. Slow loading will send leads away 

Your page has to be super fast. Studies have shown that people trying to visit a website will leave if it takes too long to let them in. Websites gain over 8% increase in visits by reducing their loading speed by 1 second.

Google has a tool made for investigating the reasons your page may be slow. Check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. 

You also want to make sure that the server speed of the company hosting your page is efficient enough. If you are hosting by yourself, and you feel you have tried everything you can, then it may be time to seek the help of an effective marketing agency.

3. Your page does not go straight to the point

A visitor to your landing page should have no challenges identifying how the product relates to him. It must be clear. 

Your call-to-action button should be like a magnet, grabbing the attention of a potential buyer.

4. The structure of your page content without proper timing

When setting up a landing page, consider not only the seductive nature of your products or services but remember that a large part of your success will depend on who is seeing your landing page and the effect your brand has on them. 

Tread with caution when dealing with new customers. Thus, knowing the right time for making offers that involve high commitment from their part. It also works on paid ads. It is easier to get people to give you their emails so you can send them free value than to ask them to buy a product from the ad. 

Try spending more resources on growing your relationship with potential leads using content. 

5. The page details are too long or too short

Not that there is a particular length to every page landing must-have. We have seen excellent sales with single pages and Carousel pages.  

The length of your sales copy and landing page should change relative to your type of product or service, and the customer base.

6. Your page looks like a scam

if your business niche does not have a professional culture, then you need to avoid: 

The use of low-quality images.

Cheesy/dull design templates.

Having too many mixed matches; Colours, texts, fonts, etc.

7.  Your page sounds like a scam

The copy on your page determines how well your page will do. Thus, many CEOs pay thousands of dollars to get professional copywriters to add a psychological edge to their sales copy. If your text isn’t good enough, you won’t get enough sales; let alone if your Copywrite is poor.

If you will not hire a copywriter and do this yourself, try to avoid spelling & grammatical errors. Your text should look intelligent.

Avoid exaggerated or Unbelievable statements

Avoid unbelievable testimonies